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“I want to tell you how much I appreciate the excellent job you did on the insulation of our cabin. You were on time, did a neat and complete job, and left the place clean and tidy. I really appreciate having workmen of competence and with concern for their customer. I would certainly recommend your work to anyone and would call on you again for any other job I might have. Thank you most appreciatively.”

- Roger (New London, MN)


“Thank you for the great work!”

- Sheela & Jeff A. (Albany, MN - Turkey Barn / Agricultural Job)


“Thanks! Great job done!”

- Beverly H. - Secretary of Our Lady of Seven Dolors (Brandon, MN)

Professional SPF Contractor Services


At Tri-County Foam Insulation our insulation services are utilized across all sectors, including residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial. We have provided proper insulating barriers on everything from new home builds and pole sheds to airplane hangers and grain silos. In order to cover such a wide array of areas we offer a variety of insulation applications to appropriately meet your needs:


Residential SPF Insulation Services

Spray foam insulation (closed cell #2) is quickly becoming the go-to choice among homeowners, including those building new as well as those looking to remodel. Its natural action of expanding to fill every crack and crevice, forming a tight seal, makes it the perfect insulator. As a seamless application it prevents moisture from coming through, reducing humidity that often leads to mold and mildew issues.


Spray foam’s innate ability to expand means it is highly cost-effective, saving you money on future heating and cooling costs. At Tri-County Foam Insulation we have a wealth of installation experience within the residential sector. Our portfolio of residential work includes new home construction, home additions, home renovations, attics, and garages. Whether you’re looking to build new, add-on, or simply remodel portions of your existing home, make sure to contact us for a free estimate.


Commercial SPF Insulation Services

While all commercial buildings benefit from spray foam insulation, buildings with flat roofs often display the greatest advantages. Our experience has shown that flat roofs tend to leak easier than their peaked counterparts; and they often have larger heating and cooling costs. For these reasons, and others, our spray foam services are a perfect solution for flat roofs and all other commercial buildings.


At Tri-County Foam Insulation we utilize a 3# closed cell foam roofing system. It is one of the lightest insulating roof systems in the industry, providing an abundance of beneficial advantages without the added weight. Our 3# closed cell foam adds structural strength, reduces heating and cooling costs, and  forms a tight seal - effectively closing-off all the penetrations in your roof system.


As a professional SPF contractor we solely rely on the industry’s top-rated products. At Tri-County Foam we apply a BASF product proven to work with a variety of roofing structures, including flat roofs. We operate as certified applicators and welcome any questions you may have, contact us for additional information.


Blown-In Cellulose Insulation

At Tri-County Foam Insulation we strive to offer a variety of insulating options to meet our clients varying needs and budgetary requirements. As such, we offer blown-in cellulose insulation services, somewhat less expensive than spray foam, blown-in still offers expectational insulating qualities. Much of our blown-in cellulose jobs involve attics, either attics that were left with no insulation or were originally under-insulated. Fortunately our blown-in cellulose can often be applied directly over the top of your attic’s existing insulation base, boosting its R-value to meet today’s insulation standards.


Adding to your attic’s insulation level is a smart energy-saving investment. It’s an insulation upgrade you’ll notice immediately and will enjoy for as long as you own your home. Contact us to learn more and to see if blown-in cellulose is an option for your attic.


Benefits of Injectable Fill Foam

  • Offers an air tight seal with high RValues
  • Resistant to fire and mold
  • Proves to be safe during and after installation because it outgases no harmful fumes
  • Lessens Exterior Noise
  • Reduces energy costs related to heating and cooling
  • Designed to flow before hardening - allowing it to fill around electrical wires, outlet boxes and other existing insulation.

Injectable Fill Foam

Injectable Fill Foam Insulation - also known as injected foam, injection foam or wall injection foam insulation - is quickly gaining in popularity among homeowners. Like spray polyurethane foam (SPF), injectable fill foam has outstanding insulating benefits, reducing overall energy costs. But unlike SPF, it does not expand, as its primary use is for filling enclosed building cavities.


The injectable fill foam we use from Gaco Western is a non-expanding injectable foam perfect for upgrading the insulating levels of finished wall cavities. With its natural ability to flow around existing framework, our injectable fill foam allows you to obtain the insulating benefits of SPF without having to first go through a lengthy deconstruction process. The insulating foam is injected into a series of access holes made on either the interior or exterior of your house. Once the application process is complete, the access holes are sealed and appropriately finished to hide their existence.


When looking into options for increasing your home’s energy efficiency we hope you consider injectable fill foam. Contact us at Tri-County Foam Insulation to learn more or to schedule an in-home consultation, we welcome the opportunity to increase the overall comfort in your existing home, cabin, garage, workshop, or other unique structures.


What is an Ice Dam?

Ice dams form when the upper sections of your roof become warm enough to melt snow. As the runoff trickles down towards your much cooler eaves it begins to re-freeze, turning into ice. The end result is a frozen dam of ice that prevents additional water from reaching your gutters or the edge of your roof. This additional water begins to pool behind the dam, leading to one of two outcomes.

  1. The water in the pool rises high enough to migrate under the roof and under the shingles, exposing the surface of the roof to rotting.
  2. Second, water flows over the dam to form icicles at the roof's edge, which can be dangerous to individuals walking below and damaging to your rain gutters.

Ice Dam Correction Services

Fixing an ice dam isn’t just a roof surface job, the true fix lies within the attic. At Tri-County Foam Insulation we provide ice dam removal / correction services. To properly correct ice dam problems you must first understand how they happen.


In most scenarios ice dams occur from roof tops that become too warm due to air from inside the home seeping into the attic and raising the spaces overall temperature. If the amount of insulation in your attic is inadequate the problems with ice dams won’t go away until the insulation issue is resolved. By increasing your attic’s R-value to meet or exceed construction codes you can properly declare victory over damaging ice dams.


Today contractors, us included, are actually removing existing attic insulation, spraying a 1 1/2 inch layer of foam to properly seal air leaks, and then using blown cellulose insulation to finish the job. In the end, ice dams aren’t a roof issue, they’re an attic insulation issue; and one that we can correct relatively easily. Contact us at Tri-County Foam Insulation to learn more about correcting your ice dam problems.